Get on a whale

Confusion in our minds
Are we feeling fine
Life is a fine line, silk in-between our ears
Filling our communication with fear

Controlled market, controlled media
Pollution is our wealth, poor is our health
Waves of mess, the stress we feed on
We bleed on, we grieve on, waves of communication
Oh my station, im off! Your glorification.

Its off my shoulder, what a bolder your border
And yet such crazy ideas are full of followers
Whilst us dreamers, were closed in closets,
Wrapped in corsets of information,
Gigabytes of damnation

I’m thinking to myself : « Why should we go this way? »
Recognise, sustainability is just an inch away,
Our mind is the key, look for what you don’t see, dare,
To be what we really need,
Feel our interconnected ethers,
Our spirits blended, our hearts are mended,
Our wishes tended to be,
Oh, feeling fine, yeah, eh.
So, I woke up this morning and say there’s so much massive mayhem on our way,
Trying to swim into, all this confusion, confusion of everyday,
We have so much information fit into our brains,
Why can’t we just let the love, push, push away,
Cause i’m, feeling fine, yeah, when I see you and
You, are feeling fine, oh, when you see me, eh eh
I swear I walk passed you and say « Hi, gonna get on a whale? »
Dream, dare to dream, and.
Swear you'll walk passed me and bring your friend where he needs to go,
Where we need to be, Where our loves would be one, in this interconnected ether
That we all reach to see one day, one day we’ll be free, one day. Check it out.


Madame, madame, madame
Coffee steam this morning I dream
Were not the same before the professional scheme
Beam - Its not up to you, create your dream team

Hi, hi, hi, damn girl, wesh mademoiselle

Scream, absorbed by walls of asphalt
Brick, brick, brick and its not your fault
Its what society has done to your thought
Block, block, block, and im caught, im dressed, blessed, complexed
To fit your eyes when im passing by

Hi, hi, hi, damn girl, wesh mademoiselle

Behind curtains, not only our burden, its yours,
Judged endlessly as i walk the side walk
Blocked, my gender, excuse to be a cock,
We’re the same? Count my hours on the clock
We’re the same? Count my money that you stock

Hi, hi, hi, damn girl, wesh mademoiselle

I made you wear black and be blue inside