Free spirit music. Words of peace. Words of wisdom.

Geiko Bam, an odyssey though eclectic soundscapes.
Embedded in the worlds of Electro and Neo Soul, universal messages are evoked and defended. This international project, pushing against the odds of the conventions created and made by and for the men in the music industry and in the world in general, tells tales of strong women who rebel. Stories of human beings who stand out of the box, narratives for a more equal world?

It is the encounter of these three friends, fuelled by the love, the respect and the sharing that Geiko Bam brings. The geiko, the geisha, master of the arts, exemplifies knowledge. The latter, coupled with the onomatopoeia of an explosion, a disruption of conventions, language barriers, genres, race and class differences. The gecko, a symbol of friendship, of regeneration, adaptability and survival.


Alix GUGLIELMI Bass & Vocals


Dilo Drums, Drumpad & Vocals

Ira de VINZ

Ira de VINZ Keys & Vocals